About Gatchina

Gatchina is the biggest town of the Leningrad region, it is one of the great imperial country palaces to the south of St. Petersburg. It is situated 35 km from Saint Petersburg.

For over a century, from 1760's to 1860's the complex of landscape parks and romantic castle-palace, pavilions, bridges and terraces were built in Gatchina. Architects A. Rinaldi, Brenna, A. Zakharov, N. Lvov, Voronihin, A. Stackenschneider, R. Kuzmin worked here and contributed to the creation of unique architecture of Gatchina. Beautiful parks of Gatchina and royal palace attract tourists from all over the world, its museum boasts a beautiful art collection open to public.

For more information about local sightseeing please visit the official site of Gatchina palace: http://gatchinapalace.ru/en/

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